"It’s the long term that we care for"

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“It’s the long term that we care for,” said M-N Keijzer. “It doesn’t make any difference if you plant trees because if it’s cut in one or two years then you’re wasting your time and money. So what we need is to grow the trees and to grow the forest so that they can absorb carbon over time and cool the planet. And so that they can restore the water cycle so that we can cool the planet. And so that they can regenerate soils, enrich biodiversity and help people have a good living.”


Involving the local people is key to regrow the Amazon forest: Bill Liao on ABC News

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Bill Liao speaks on ABC News about how we can regrow the Amazon forest after the devastating fires while creating a good income for the local people.


350 million trees in ONE day!

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Marie Noelle Keijzer, CEO of WeForest and Peter Kanowski, Professor of Forestry at the Australian National University comment on the Australian ABC radio about Ethiopia planting more than 350 million trees in ONE day! Listen to the interview here.


Breaking the vicious circle

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Forest fires are a result of global warming, they also increase it. They cause more carbon to be released, increase temperatures, transforming land into deserts.
See the WeForest CEO interviewed on Belgian news (video in French)



Marie-Noelle, CEO, tells the WeForest story on MiNT radio

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Marie-Noelle, CEO of WeForest went on MiNT radio to talk about what we mean by planting trees and why we plant them. Click here to listen to the interview (in french).

The following is trascript of the interview in english. 


WeForest dans la maison de Françoise

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Sustainable living blog talks about how Brabantia is now supporting WeForest's efforts to restore forests in Ethiopia. Click here to find out more. 


WeForest CEO talks to Belgian Radio 2

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Marie-Noëlle Keijzer is interviewed on Belgian Radio 2, (Dutch) during the ‘week of forests’ and shares how she started the WeForest organisation, why trees are so essential to stopping global warming and how they contribute to restoring our environment. It is very simple and easy for anyone, including companies to participate and make a real impact.

Click here to watch the interview.


BUSINESS MADAME - WeForest CEO talks 'Love Nature' campaign

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'Love Nature' is a successful campaign developed with Brabantia and WeForest to green the desert in Burkina Faso. The message: it is so simple and eco friendly to dry your clothes naturally. Brabantia plants a tree everytime someone buys one of their rotary dryers! To find out more about this innovative campaign, read the full interview with WeForest CEO, Marie-Noëlle Keijzer.



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Did you know that trees cool our planet ? WeForest co-founder, Bill Liao’s interview on Bloomberg TV explains how trees are the solution to our biggest challenge: global warming. Bill discusses cutting your carbon footprint and planting trees to cool the earth. For companies that want to make a difference, tree planting can be a profitable venture as well as drive increased visibility, growth and customer engagement.

He speaks with Francine Lacqua and Guy Johnson on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”


BELGIAN TV - Brabantia speaks about greening the Burkina Faso desert

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Christa Alders, Director Sales at Brabantia speaks on a Belgian Talk show about  their 'Love Nature' campaign, explaining the partnership the Dutch company developed with WeForest to green the desert in Burkina Faso. A tree is planted everytime a rotary dryer is purchased, making it another reason to dry your clothes naturally! Watch the inspiring interview in Dutch.