Help protect the Amazon forest - Emergency Fund

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Spikes in fire outbreaks in the Amazon are often related to increased deforestation. The Amazonian municipality of Apui, at the border of the so-called "deforestation belt", has had four times as many fire outbreaks compared to the same time last year.


Forests – a story of synergy and opportunity

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This synergy of growth and potential between reforestation, business and investors and customers is real, somewhat like the ‘three-legged race’ often played by children...


Together, Let's #MoveTheDate of Overshoot Day !

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We use more ecological resources and services than nature can regenerate through overfishing, overharvesting forests, and emitting more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than ecosystems can absorb. This year, Overshoot Day is on August 1st (source www.overshootday.org) We want to #MoveTheDate!

Evolution of Overshoot Day throughout the years:


Why plant trees in tropical regions ?

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People often ask us why WeForest only works in the tropics.

Forests are known for removing the excess of CO2 from the atmosphere and cool our climate: 50% of a tree is actually stored carbon. The type of land cover however matters when considering what scientists call ‘the albedo effect’: the darker the land cover, the more it will absorb solar radiation and therefore heat. The type of trees and the climate in which climate they grow also play a key role in regulating temperatures.


The tyranny of plastic

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This EarthDay (April 22) our collective power is directed at plastic, all its merciless forms to be found literally everywhere, our land, our oceans, our bodies, our air and our trees …

We think plastic is uncool and WeForest’s purpose is to Make Earth Cooler - so we invite you to:


And now...after COP23 ?

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While the Paris rules will be finalized at COP24 next year in Poland, no big decisions were expected in Bonn for this COP23. Here are a few outcomes:


What Natural climate solutions exist today ?

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Publication summary from the PNAS - W. Griscom et al. (full link here) - September 5, 2017.


Why do some projects fail?

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It’s April 2011 at the TEDxYYC event. As with so many public sharings of ideas, we pretty much expect to hear more stories of glory, heroism, the triumph of the human spirit over, through or along with extraordinarily challenging circumstances that seem to pervade our lives with far to great a frequency for comfort.


Celebrating World Soil Day

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Today WeForest is celebrating World Soil Day in recognition of their critical importance in our lives and for climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Soils provide living space for humans, as well as essential ecosystem services, like nutrients for crops and water regulation, biodiversity conservation and cultural services. But soils, like trees, also have a critical role to play in climate change through their carbon sequestration potential.


Calling on trump to uphold paris climate pact

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Marrakesh, Wednesday

More than 360 mostly American companies and investors, including a dozen Fortune 500 firms, called on Donald Trump to uphold the 196-nation Paris climate pact.

An open letter released at high-level UN climate talks in the Moroccan city of Marrakesh called on the US president-elect to back “continued US participation in the Paris Agreement, in order to provide the long-term direction needed to keep global temperature rise below 2C° or two degrees Celsius.


WeForest signs the TFA2020 Marrakesh Declaration at COP22

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We are excited to announce that the Marrakesh Declaration for Sustainable Development of the Oil Palm Sector in Africa, which WeForest supports, was launched today at COP22 in Marrakesh, Morocco.


Wetlands: reservoirs of carbon

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When you think of a wetland you do not often think of tall, dense forests. Neverthless wetlands - areas that maintain a wet soil surface over a certain period of time, ranging from permanently inundated with water to periodicially drained - are often forested and they are also extremely important for climate change mitigation and adaptation because of their role in carbon sequestration. 


The urban forest

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Urban trees, that is, those in towns and cities, provide us with a wealth of benefits.


Trees steal the show

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Softball, baseball, karate, skateboarding, climbing and surfing have recently been approved by the International Olympic Committee for the 2020 Games in Tokyo. From watching the opening ceremony of this year’s games in Rio, you’d be forgiven for thinking that tree-planting was also on the list of internationally recognised sports. Even if it turns out that it’s not the latest sport to be approved, there’s still something about the idea of Olympic-level tree planting that is distinctively delightful and quietly compelling.


Aloe vera and the evolutionary mystery

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Aloe vera is one of the most commonly used ingredients in our shopping basket today”.

Humans use plants in an enormous variety of foods, health products, household cleaning products, often without even knowing it. Plants store carbon and that’s ultimately why we’re restoring forests, but they also do more.


Villagers and fireflies join forces to protect Mexico’s forests

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Fireflies visit Piedra Canteada park between June and August. Recognizing that families with children and those seeking a romantic getaway might be attracted to a forest illuminated by the glow of a million fireflies, a cooperative has emerged among local families to capitalize on the magical spectacle. A reminder that local efforts really are best placed to challenge environmental degradation, villagers are embracing the forest’s eco-tourism potential to earn a living without cutting down trees.


First mammalian species becomes extinct as a direct consequence of climate change

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It is often held that rats, whether real or metaphorically, are the first to leave a sinking ship.  But usually, in that line of thinking, the departure of said rats is voluntary. Not so for the mosaic-tailed rat (or melomys). It seems that this species was, to mix metaphors, made to walk the plank.


Raising climate change higher up on the political agenda at REDDX

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Towards the end of last month, Norway saw government officials, NGOs and corporations come together to discuss the implementation and capacity of REDD+ and raise the issue of forest protection and restoration higher up the global political agenda. A total of 47 countries convened in Norway to attend the Oslo REDD Exchange (REDDX).


Diverse agroecological landscapes work for climate change mitigation, biodiversity and livelihoods

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In recent years, environmental discourse has focused heavily on the role of agriculture in causing widespread deforestation and biodiversity loss.