20 Million trees
20 Million trees planted
20 million trees! - and 16.000 hectares restored: Check out this video to see the impact of these these millions of trees in the field.
19 April 2019Featured, WeForest Video
Growing a Brighter Future in Ethiopia, Amhara
10 January 2019WeForest VideoEthiopia Amhara
Brazil wildlife
Reconnecting forests to preserve wildlife in Brazil
In Brazil, WeForest is building forests corridors to preserve biodiversity. With camera traps, wildlife can be observed when returning to their habitats.
4 December 2018Project News, WeForest VideoBrazil
Giant fans Vs Trees
Forests are our best Climate Changers
Engineers are trying to replicate what a tree does (absorb and store carbon) to reduce carbon pollution : what’s wrong with just using trees?
19 November 2018Featured, WeForest Video
ZAM_Lea Camilleri
WeForest Making Earth Cooler in Zambia
23 February 2018Project News, WeForest VideoZambia Luanshya
Brazil - Mata Altlantica
WeForest in Brazil ( Mata Atlantica)
2 February 2018Project News, WeForest VideoBrazil
Caught on camera - a puma
6 March 2017Project News, WeForest VideoBrazil
INDIA - The Living Bridges of the Khasi Hills
17 February 2017Project News, WeForest VideoIndia Khasi Hills
India's forest
Saving India's Forests
2 June 2016Project News, WeForest VideoIndia Khasi Hills
Why WeForest? By Stephen Fry
14 March 2013Featured, WeForest Video
Lessons from a tree - narrated by Jeremy Irons
27 February 2012WeForest Video