Forest-friendly businesses in Zambia
WeForest 's livelihoods programmes alleviate hunger and restore forests while combatting climate change.
18 May 2020FeaturedCopperbelt: Forests on Farms, Katanino, Zambia
Covid_extra measures in Zambia
Keeping safe at WeForest during Covid19 pandemic
As our mission to ‘Make Earth Cooler’ through restoring forests continues, we are working to ensure our staff and colleagues remain safe and healthy. Now
27 April 2020Featured, Project News
Ecosystem services payment opportunities to harness village development programs in Desa’a
WeForest held a one day stakeholders consultation workshop in Atsbi wonberta district on April 25, 2019 on possible ecosystem services payments opportunities
10 March 2020Featured, Project NewsEthiopia Desa'a
Sheep Rearing to Build Resilient Household Economy
Sheep are an important source of livelihood for rural people in Tigray. Their ability to quickly multiply, their resilience and that they are easily
10 March 2020Featured, Project NewsEthiopia Desa'a
Managing Honeybees as a means to boost household income
People already living in poverty, are facing even more difficulties as the forests that they rely on for their survival are being destroyed. It is therefore
10 March 2020Featured, Project NewsEthiopia Desa'a
Tree technology
How technology can fight deforestation
WeForest CEO and co-founder Marie-Noelle Keijzer was contacted by The Hindu Times to talk about the technology that addresses climate change. Read how
23 December 2019Featured, WeForest in the Media
"You don’t want to compare a new tree with an existing tree or an existing forest"
“Number one priority is to protect what we have,” WeForest CEO Marie-Noëlle Keijzer told digital science Magazine Undark. “The number two priority
11 December 2019Featured, WeForest in the Media
"WeForest is among the most effective climate protectors we have"
“The climate crisis is an acute danger,” says the German radio station radioeins. “We live in the hottest decade since weather records began. And we all
9 December 2019Featured, WeForest in the MediaKatanino, Zambia
Advancing the forest and water nexus
Building Capacity on Forests and Water
What is it for? Forests and water are closely intertwined and as such, forest-water considerations need to be integrated in landscape management. This new
3 December 2019Science PublicationsIndia Khasi Hills
(CLOSED) HIRING: Consultancy – Forestry and Sustainability expert Tanzania
Our activities are growing and the organization is urgently looking for an experienced profile to further capacitate its Tanzanian team, and drive the
21 November 2019Featured, Job vacancies
Head of Support Services
(CLOSED) WeForest is hiring: CFAO / Head of Support Services
We are urgently looking for an experienced leader to head our Support Services and enable the organisation’s growth while mitigating risks.
1 November 2019Featured, Job vacancies
Job alerts_Head of Programs
(CLOSED) - WeForest is hiring: Head of Global Programs
WeForest's activities are expanding at a fast pace and we are urgently looking for a Head of Global Programs. Application closed.
22 October 2019Featured, Job vacancies