Carbon Offset

The best carbon is the carbon that is never emitted. We encourage every company to reduce and avoid emissions before choosing the compensation route. For emissions that cannot be avoided, WeForest offers several options for compensating for them, while also restoring forest landscapes in the long term.

Forestry projects can benefit from various levels of control, providing you with different levels of guarantee that the carbon you claim to reduce will or has already been absorbed.

  • Science based measurement: all our restoration and conservation projects with carbon claims enjoy the WeForest scientific rigor.
  • Third party validation & verification are added in specific projects to provide external confirmation of the carbon claims. The validation reviews and approves the methodology used, the verification is an onsite detailed measurement of the claimed biomass growth. The protocols used leverage recognized international standards.
  • Become carbon neutral as your trees grow. It is also possible to develop a carbon certified project if your company would like to become carbon neutral with forestry. You may also pre-finance a carbon certified project and get a share of the carbon credits it will generate in the future. We can design projects that comply with the VCS, Plan Vivo,Gold Standard or other carbon accounting standards.
  • Become carbon neutral now. Carbon credits from carbon certified projects (VCS, Plan Vivo and Gold Standard) can also be purchased off the shelf, if your company is looking for a smaller commitment.
  • Become ‘net positiveʼ. This new way of doing business gives back to society more than it takes from it. The companies that embrace this approach share an ambition to grow their brand, maximise their financial performance and attract the brightest talent.  WeForest projects provide opportunities to make a positive impact beyond carbon compensation. We restore degraded landscapes, protect water sources, train local communities in sustainable income activities, support female entrepreneurs and deliver innovative research.

Tree planting


Restore forests and activate impactful marketing campaigns

Do you know why trees make a good company?
Association with afforestation increases brand affinity with the growing number of consumers who prefer brands that contribute to the well-being of the planet, to brands that do not.
Some of our partners participate in the global forest restoration movement by pledging to plant a certain number of trees for every product or service sold.

Our team of experts can help you achieve any, or all, of the following

  • Make your products more ​visibly ​responsible​ to your customers​ - example here.
  • ​Enhance your company's vision for doing good - example here.
  • Generate impactful​ and inspiring​ marketing stories - example here.
  • Engage your employees ​and your customers in a sustainable journey
  • Meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s

Simply put, our partners find that trees make a good company. Literally.

Success story: Brabantia’s Love Nature campaign

In 2015, Brabantia committed to planting one tree for every outdoor dryer Rotary sold. The campaign featured on Branatia’s website as well as social media.

The campaign, now in its third year, has brought unprecedented growth:

  • 17% growth in sales volume,
  • 24% growth in sales margins,
  • 80% email opening rate by customers and
  • 35% of Brabantia customers telling a friend about the campaign.

“Delighting our customers with trees as a reward works! " - Tijn Van Elderen, CEO Brabantia.

Plant trees to engage in Corporate Social Responsibility

Supporting a forest restoration project is a great way to engage your stakeholders in a common journey towards sustainability: WeForest provides you with regular updates, photos and videos of the project you have chosen that are ready to share with your employees or customers.

And remember, trees have countless environmental benefits and everybody loves trees!


Make a philanthropic donation

WeForest is a non-profit organisation. In the United States and most European countries, donations to WeForest are tax efficient.




WeForest is and will remain a lean organization where impact, efficiency and transparency are core principles. Our results are measured by the impact we produce: our entire organization focuses on developing and growing solid and scalable projects that will inspire corporates to participate. We do not have many volunteer jobs to offer right now but you can always contribute by spreading the word and sharing our voice on social media.