30 October 2018

"How Purpose makes Anything Possible" - Bill Liao.

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A serial entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, diplomat, and author; Bill founded not one but two unicorn companies in the 80s and 90s. His ambitions are now always driven by the purpose of creating a 'world that works for all life'. His work includes:

  • CoderDojo, a volunteer-driven community which teaches coding to kids in 107 countries
  • WeForest, which aims to combat climate change and support communities through forest restoration and has already planted 20 million trees.

He is also a General Partner at SOS Ventures and founded the world's first biotech accelerator, RebelBio.
He lives on a small farm in Cork, Ireland where he lives as sustainably as possible and has not set foot on a plane for 10 years. He is a charismatic speaker and regularly hosts masterclasses in persuasion. It's hardly surprising then that we found this conversation inspiring.

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