28 May 2020

The Global Forest Transition as a Human Affair

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Landscapes do not happen. We shape them. Changes to Earth’s forest landscapes are primarily driven by human social processes like economy, policy and behaviour.  There are now many policies & initiatives aimed at halting forest loss and increasing forest restoration.  Yet we are still losing forests.

What is preventing us as a society from making the transition from shrinking to increasing forests? and how can we help to make this transition a reality?

Decision makers need to take better account of the actions and interactions of all stakeholders when making policy - using a ‘theory of change’ approach is key to success.

Read the full article here to learn more.

This paper is the result of discussions held by the Fostering Forest Transitions: Scenarios of Biodiversity and Landscape Change (ForSet) project consortium, in which WeForest participated.


Rachel Cohen

Research Officer
Rachel co-ordinates WeForest’s applied science research and policy engagement activities. Rachel’s background is in forest ecology, she holds a PhD from the University of Edinburgh, UK where she focused on advancing the methodologies for tropical forest biomass estimation.