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Land has true value. Invest in it.

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A third of all land on Earth is severely degraded making it difficult to produce food and collect clean water. How will we live when it’s all gone?

The UN World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought reminds us on June 17 that “Land has true value. Invest in it.”

Desertification is not fate: it is caused by deforestation and poor agricultural practices. And our choices as consumers and companies matter: “When you choose what to eat, what to wear or what to drive, think about how your choice impacts the land – for better or for worse,” says Monique Babut, the UNCCD Executive Secretary.

It’s not just a statistic.
Hundreds of millions of people worldwide are directly impacted every day: the UNCCD estimates that a third of all land on Earth is so severely degraded that it does not cover the basic needs of people living there. And this only gets worse, unless we act.

SDG 15 invites everyone to protect life on land, which can be done by restoring and protecting our forests.

Join us in celebrating the World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought by making a pledge to restore and protect forests.

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