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How can we make the Great Green Wall a reality?

Main photo: Ferlo, Senegal. Inset, Jessica at the NOAH Conference (© OpenForests)
How do we bring the desert to life again?

“It does require ambitious partners and an incredible commitment to transform some of the most challenging places on earth,” said Jessica Chalmers, WeForest’s Director of Partnerships, during the NOAH Zurich Conference earlier this month. 

Watch this 10 min video to hear about WeForest’s transformational work in Ethiopia and Senegal.

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Our favourite trees: Araucaria species

It’s summer in the Atlantic Forest. As thousands of birds, animals and insects begin their nightshift, an ancient Araucaria angustifolia pierces the skies above. Its evergreen limbs offer year-round shelter to wildlife below, stretching as high as 40 metres in a perfect star-shaped symmetry that remains unchanged for over 250 million years.

You don’t need a big budget to make a big impact

If your customers pay a subscription for your goods or services, a partnership with WeForest can offer a chance for both of you to make valuable contributions to forest restoration projects.