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A pivotal moment for our planet

The well-being of the entire global population is on the line, as we face the twin crises of climate change and biodiversity loss.

Philanthropic funding helps us kick start key initiatives, accelerate others, and explore new projects and economic models. We need investment partners that understand the key issues of climate change, social equity, and protecting wildlife habitats and water supplies, and whose core values are aligned with ours.

As a leader in the Forest and Landscape Restoration movement, WeForest works with philanthropic partners to:

Build success from the ground up

through community and stakeholder engagement, technical evaluations and socio-economic assessments

Accelerate impact

through educational outreach, better family and maternal nutrition, and mentoring micro-businesses


testing new approaches, models and applied research

Scale up

because philanthropic co-funding has the power to leverage corporate funding

Our philanthropic partners

These trusts and foundations play a key role in our global work, and we value their financial contributions and advice.

Want to find out more?

Write to Dave at or fill in our enquiry form

Dave Bircher

Head of Impact Partnerships