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FLR Framework Workshop

Taming the FLR beast: the mission of the FLoRES Task Force

Doing small tasks well is relatively easy, but doing big, complex, and long-lived things well is a far more daunting mission that requires vision, leadership, adaptive management, consultation, and collaboration among many actors.


Water capacity building in India

WeForest, in collaboration with FAO’s Forest and Water Programme and the Federation, organised a Forest-Water Capacity Building workshop in Meghalaya, India.

Water Forest Nexus

Forest-Water capacity building in the Khasi Hills, India

The United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation, WeForest, the University of Twente (The Netherlands) and the Ka Synjuk Ki Hima Arliang Wah Umiam Mawphlang Welfare Society in the East Khasi Hills held a Forest-Water Capacity Building Workshop to support the community in their understanding of forest-water relationships in their native East Khasi Hills.  


Why do some projects fail?

If we want to meet the ambitious forest restoration global targets set by the international community and stand a chance to stay under the 1.5°C temperature increase, a few lessons have to be learned.

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How pumas plant trees

Pumas, and potentially other wild felids, could be helping to green the planet by planting trees.

Paradise lost

The loss of biodiversity, wilderness and forest around the world in recent decades has been alarming.