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Sine-Saloum Mangroves posts

“The Earth is our travel companion”

It’s the International Day for the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystem, and planting is in full swing at our project sites in Senegal. With local partner Oceanium, we’re replanting over 7000 hectares of mangroves in the first three-year phase and eventually 16,000 hectares in what’s hoped to become the largest carbon-certified mangrove project in the world. Check out our new Senegal project video!

Mangroves projects on Ubani TV

Our mangroves projects with Oceanium – and WeForest’s Senegal Manager Germaine Ebong – appear on online television channel Ubani TV, which is run by young people

Miracle mangroves: restoring Senegal’s spectacular landscapes

Of all the forests, mangroves are probably the most impressive. These tropical trees and shrubs that thrive in salty, coastal waters act as natural climate regulators, and are essential for biodiversity and as sources of freshwater and income for the local people.