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The Brazilian Forest Code

Explaining the Brazilian Forest Code, the consequences this Code has for WeForests´ reforestation projects in Brazil and how our current projects will not be affected by actions taken by the newly elected president.


Teaching for Trees

Teaching a weekend course on Tropical Forest Restoration in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in exchange for trees being planted for WeForest’s Atlantic Forest Project, Ricardo Cesar, WeForest’s Brazil Country Representative, does not shy away from dedicating his free time to engage with over 20 graduate and undergraduate students, spark lively discussions and plant more trees!

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WeForest Makes a PACT

In April 2018 WeForest joined the “Pact for the Restoration of the Atlantic Forest” or PACT.


Summer seedling production

It’s the rainy season in the Atlantic Forest, which marks the beginning of the most difficult time of the year for our field team.

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How pumas plant trees

Pumas, and potentially other wild felids, could be helping to green the planet by planting trees.