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Step into nature with Nike and WeForest

How often do you get the chance to escape into nature? Studies have shown it can have positive effects on mental wellbeing – but who has the time these days?


Brazil: Should we stay or should we go?

The Amazon is burning and Brazil’s government is refusing to take responsibility. Does it still make sense for WeForest to stay active there and even develop two new restoration projects? Short answer: Yes, it very much does.


Brazil as an agricultural powerhouse

Agriculture is one of the main pillars for the Brazilian economy: 25% of the GDP over the past two decades was made up by agriculture and animal husbandry. Furthermore Brazil is the fourth largest food  producer in the world and ranks as the number one crop producer (such as soy, sugarcane and maize). However, it seems like these numbers go hand in hand with Brazil being a large deforester.


The Brazilian Forest Code

Explaining the Brazilian Forest Code, the consequences this Code has for WeForests´ reforestation projects in Brazil and how our current projects will not be affected by actions taken by the newly elected president.