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How does forest restoration alleviate poverty?

Before COVID-19, 1.3 billion people were already living in ‘multidimensional and persistent poverty’. As a result of the pandemic, another 150 million or more are set to join them, according to the UN.


Today is World Soil Day!

Soil is more than dirt – it’s home to 25% of our planet’s biodiversity. Organisms found in the soil are essential for plant growth and carbon sequestration.

Sheep rearing to build resilient household economies

Sheep are an important source of livelihood for rural people in Tigray. Their ability to quickly multiply, their resilience and that they are easily convertible to cash to meet financial needs of the rural producers makes them preferable for livelihood intervention to advance on beneficiary households economy.  

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Trees in the spotlight

Trees have many benefits: they harbor CO2, they create homes for wildlife, they produce oxygen and so on. That’s why each tree species deserves to be in the spotlight. Today, it’s time to introduce the Olea europaea subsp. cuspidata.