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Technology meets restoration

Innovative technology is fast being recognized as an extremely valuable tool to improve efficiency and outcomes of environmental projects.

In Zambia we are embracing telecommunications in our data collection to engage local people. Our project aims to restore plots of woodland on local farms, which means we need to keep in close contact with the farmers to monitor progress.

So we’re collecting a wide range of socio-economic data and the ecological woodlot data and are storing them in a database alongside the farmer’s details.

We’re keeping all of this information so that we can be keep track of the progress of our project at a very fine level of detail. This transparency will allow us to monitor field visits by our technicians, the progress of the individual farmer as well as the exact number of hectares restored.

Our Zambia project employs a fleet of innovative technologies, of which this is just one.

Together with a suite of other technologies, we can make sure that we are meeting our conservation and livelihood objectives.

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