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Step into nature with Nike and WeForest

How often do you get the chance to escape into nature? Studies have shown it can have positive effects on mental wellbeing – but who has the time these days?

‘Forest Frequencies’ on the Nike app immerses you in the sounds of the Atlantic Forest we’re working hard to protect along with IPÊ. These audiovisual experiences connect you with landscapes that have been restored as part of long-standing partnership between WeForest and Nike since 2016.

The episodes will take listeners from the forest floor to the upper canopy with meditative instrumentals that channel our forest sounds – which include bird- and frog song, the hum and buzz of insects, leaves rustling, branches creaking, gentle breezes and pattering rain.

Find out more here, or download the Nike app.

The sound files are just some of the thousands of hours of ‘soundscapes’ of our Pontal restoration sites that we’re collecting in a partnership with Rainforest Connection. They’re building a digital library of shareable, searchable forest sounds and ecodata for use by scientists and land managers to help protect and conserve the world’s forests.

Find out more here

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