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Making Earth Cooler with EOCA

EOCA, the European Outdoor Conservation Association, is making waves in the European outdoor industry with its commitment to funding conservation projects across the world.
EOCA is a group of businesses in the outdoor industry who have joined forces for a common cause. They’ve committed to working with us to help fund our cloud forest restoration efforts in India’s East Khasi Hills. Thanks to the support of EOCA, 102 hectares of cloud forest are being restored. That’s 85,000 trees. Our partnership is putting more trees in the ground and helping native forest regenerate for people and planet. It’s providing opportunities for rural families as well, through sustainable livelihood schemes like home-based nurseries, alternative cooking technologies and more. EOCA took the opportunity to explain our partnership at the recent IPSO event in Munich, the world’s largest exhibition in the sports industry. We want to celebrate our partnership with EOCA and thank them and their amazing members for all that they do to Make Earth Cooler.

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