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Love Nature nursery

We appreciate each and every one of our supporters and today we want to say a big thanks to Brabantia, our loyal supporter since 2014.

We are excited to announce the launch of the new Love Nature tree nursery in Amhara, Ethiopia, that has been funded by Brabantia and will provide their seedlings for planting next year. The nursery is expected to produce an impressive 300,000 seedlings every year to contribute to the reforestation of this degraded landscape. It will be run by 9 permanent workers from the local communities and, between January and March, an additional 15-20 workers to cope with the higher work load during these months.

The nursery was previously owned by the Ethiopian government and subsequently abandoned until, in 2016, WeForest and The Hunger Project took it under management and began the process of getting it back up and running to use for seedling production.

The Amhara region is bearing the brunt of Ethiopia’s deforestation, where an estimated 140,000 ha per year is cleared, but with Brabantia’s support, we are working to reverse this trend to bring functional forests back to the region and combat climate change. The Love Nature nursery is a vital step towards Making Earth Cooler and it’s thanks to Brabantia.

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