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The impact of Kwadraat’s support

In partnership with WeForest, Kwadraat has helped to plant trees and restore the landscapes of Ethiopia, Brazil and Burkina Faso.

Together, Kwadraat’s trees have the potential to sequester an estimated 15,609 tons of CO2 once they reach maturity.

Kwadraat’s has been Making Earth Cooler since 2012 and we want to thank them for their support in the fight against climate change.

Go to Kwadraat’s page.

Latest updates

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WeForest has become a member of two Belgium-based communities focused on sustainability and avoiding the worst effects of climate change.

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Where the earth meets the sea resides a botanical wonder. The ‘true mangroves’ – Rhizophora – stand as nature’s resilient guardians along the world’s tropical coastlines, weaving a living tapestry through estuaries and bays.

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