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Feeding families and preserving forests

Hunger is a problem for people and planet. It puts immense pressure on our forests, which are cleared to harvest food, farm crops, raise livestock and make a living.

In Ethiopia, where large numbers of people are living below the poverty line, increase food security and you can help to ease some of the pressure on the country’s forests.

We are building an agroforestry system as part of our project in Ethiopia’s Amhara region, to ease pressure on the region’s forests by tackling one of the root causes of deforestation and, of course, to address the dietary needs of rural communities. Because it’s not just about planting trees, its about making sure that local people are involved and benefiting from our projects.

That’s why we are planting fruit trees on farmland and grazing trees on community land to provide food for livestock. Moringa, a new “superfood”, packs a lot into its little leaves and seeds and is among the trees that we plant. All of this is carried out alongside our restoration efforts to rehabilitate land and increase native forest cover.

By making sure that families are fed and benefiting from keeping the forest standing, your support is incentivizing its restoration and providing opportunities for rural families in Amhara.

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