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Building Capacity on Forests and Water

A collaboration between FAO and WeForest

In co-authorship with WeForest, FAO’s Forest and Water Programme has produced a new facilitation guide for developing capacity on the forest-water nexus. The guide draws on the experiences gained during a series of forest-water capacity building workshops run by FAO and WeForest in India, Khasi Hills and Ethiopia, Desa’a in 2017 and 2018.

What is it for?

Forests and water are closely intertwined and as such, forest-water considerations need to be integrated in landscape management. This new guide is a flexible tool to aid in teaching about forest-water relationships, how to monitor these relationships and how to integrate forest-water considerations in natural resource management.

Who is it for?

The guide has been developed for those working in the fields of forest, water, and natural resource management, including project and community stakeholders. Designed to be interactive with theory, practical, and field exercises; the facilitation guide includes 6 modules which can be tailored according to the participants.

You can read and download the guide here.

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