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Brazil restoration site: one year on

Brazil Before & After
This patch of forest was once heavily degraded, trees were scarce and the ground was blanketed by exotic African weeds. 
Our partner, Instituto de Pesquisas Ecológicas (IPÊ), an organization that has been working alongside local communities here to restore the landscape for decades, turned their efforts towards this plot of land and this is what it looked like once restoration began and saplings were planted in early 2016. Thanks to your support, together with our partner IPÊ, WeForest is making changes like this across Brazil’s Pontal do Paranapanema. Each tree we plant, brings us one step closer to Making Earth Cooler.

Latest updates

WeForest joins BACA and The Shift

WeForest has become a member of two Belgium-based communities focused on sustainability and avoiding the worst effects of climate change.

Our favourite trees: Rhizophora species

Where the earth meets the sea resides a botanical wonder. The ‘true mangroves’ – Rhizophora – stand as nature’s resilient guardians along the world’s tropical coastlines, weaving a living tapestry through estuaries and bays.

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