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Brazil nurseries are in full swing

The community-based nurseries in Pontal do Paranapanema are working intensively to produce the thousands of seedlings that will be used in the next areas scheduled for reforestation.

The seedlings are being prepared to be planted in these new areas during the last quarter of 2016. More than 100 species will be part of the 600 seedling rolls (see how they are prepared here) that will be shipped to the reforestation areas. Native species are organized following the restoration criteria for direct planting in the field. In order to be on schedule for the planting, and to offer high quality seedlings, with adequate size, species diversity, resistance and health, the work in the nurseries has increased considerably in the past weeks.

In moments like this, it becomes clear that this job is important not only for the environment and biodiversity, but also for the people involved, since many jobs are generated and incomes increased.

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