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At WeForest, every day is the International Day of Forests! 

Miombo-riverine transition, Zambia. © Dries Van de Loock, WeForest
To date, we’ve restored more than 47,000 hectares - that’s more than 60 million trees protected and regenerating.

By 2025’s International Day of Forests, we want to have made those numbers even bigger: 93,000 hectares and 100 million trees! Want to be part of it?

This year, the International Day of Forests theme is sustainable production and consumption. We’re working to protect and regenerate thousands of hectares of the incredible African miombo each year. This forest forms a 2.7 million km2 belt from Angola to Tanzania and supports over 65 million people, providing fuel, food, medicinal plants and fodder for livestock. It is under threat, yet it is often missing from the global dialogue on deforestation, climate change and biodiversity.

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