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500 000 trees in Zambia for Illustration!

Illustration_500K trees2
On 13 August, Harry Lyon-Smith, Illustration Ltd’s CEO, and his wife, Juliet, had the delight of planting Illustration's 500,000th tree in Zambia.

Illustration Ltd had previously planted 500,000 trees in Ethiopia, so have reached the magic number of 1 million trees, with every ambition to keep on planting.

“My grandfather was a district officer near Kitwe and loved the country dearly; my mum spent some of her childhood there, so being part of the future in this way feels good. Juliet and I have greatly enjoyed meeting the WeForest team and farmers, all of whom are doing ambitious work with great passion, integrity and intellectual wisdom. The results are significant – far more so than the probably understated number of trees: lives are changing, opportunities are happening, and mother nature is getting a chance working with her number one species, rather than losing the fight, says Harry.


Harry and his wife looking at one the 800 bee hives already installed this year in Zambia.

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