Cool insights for a hot world: trees and forests recycle water
This article was originally published by Daisy Ouya, World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF).  Anyone who has walked outside on a sunny day knows that
9 February 2017Science Publications
Why do some projects fail?
If we want to meet the ambitious forest restoration global targets set by the international community and stand a chance to stay under the 1.5°C temperature
9 February 2017Science PublicationsBrazil
How pumas plant trees
Pumas, and potentially other wild felids, could be helping to green the planet by planting trees. Zoologists have been arguing for decades that large
30 December 2016Science Publications,, Project UpdatesBrazil
The future of the jaguar in the Atlantic Forest
The Atlantic Forest of Brazil, where WeForest is restoring and reconnecting patches of forest, is home to one of South America’s most
13 December 2016Science Publications,, Project UpdatesBrazil
Indigenous people play a key role in the climate change agenda
A report published recently revealed that one quarter of the world’s above ground carbon in tropical forests is in the hands of indigenous people and local
4 November 2016Science Publications
Access to forest resources: Women’s rights in Burkina Faso
Trees have the opportunity to contribute to the sustainable development of communities across the globe while fighting climate change. They can empower women
1 November 2016Science PublicationsBurkina Faso
Paradise lost
The loss of biodiversity, wilderness and forest around the world in recent decades has been alarming. Published in Current Biology in August this year, Dr.
26 October 2016Science Publications
Natural resource management is conflict management and vice versa
Natural resource management is conflict management. This concept forms the basis of Pieter Vanwildemeersch award-winning 2016 Master’s thesis “
24 October 2016Science Publications
Can't see the water for the trees?
In the wake of the Forest-Water Nexus monitoring workshop that took place in Sweden last week, the need for an integrated approach to forest and water
3 October 2016Science Publications
Ecological Rainfall Infrastructure: Investment in Trees for Sustainable Development.
In many parts of the world local people are convinced that forests, trees and rainfall are related in more than one way: forests and trees not only depend on
15 January 2016Science Publications,, WeForest Publications
Managing Forests for Water and for Climate Cooling
WeForest organised a three-and-a-half-day scientific meeting hosted by KU Leuven (Belgium) on 'Why Forests Matter for Water and Climate'. WeForest invited a
17 July 2015Science Publications,, WeForest Publications
Funding forest landscape restoration using a business-centred approach: an NGO’s perspective.
There is a growing realization that the private sector constitutes a promising funding mechanism for a wide community of players working to restore degraded
1 March 2015Science Publications,, WeForest Publications