Marie-Noelle, CEO, tells the WeForest story on MiNT radio
Marie-Noelle, CEO of WeForest went on MiNT radio to talk about what we mean by planting trees and why we plant them. Click here to listen to the interview (
21 February 2017WeForest in the Media
WeForest dans la maison de Françoise
Sustainable living blog talks about how Brabantia is now supporting WeForest's efforts to restore forests in Ethiopia. Click here to find out more.
10 March 2016WeForest in the Media
BUSINESS MADAME - WeForest CEO talks 'Love Nature' campaign
'Love Nature' is a successful campaign developed with Brabantia and WeForest to green the desert in Burkina Faso. The message: it is so simple and eco
20 April 2015WeForest in the Media
  Did you know that trees cool our planet ? WeForest co-founder, Bill Liao’s interview on Bloomberg TV explains how trees are the solution to our
27 March 2015WeForest in the Media
BELGIAN TV - Brabantia speaks about greening the Burkina Faso desert
Christa Alders, Director Sales at Brabantia speaks on a Belgian Talk show about  their 'Love Nature' campaign, explaining the partnership the Dutch
26 March 2015Sponsor Updates,, WeForest in the MediaBrabantia
BLOOMBERG - Profitability Planting 400 billion trees
Responsible travel does not have to be as radical as taking a containership to cross the Atlantic. This is, however, what WeForest co-founder, Bill Liao
25 March 2015WeForest in the Media
BNP Paribas
BNP Paribas Fortis Internal News (in Dutch)
Customer engagement - read the whole article here.
5 January 2015WeForest in the Media
WeForest CEO talks to Belgian Radio 2
Marie-Noëlle Keijzer is interviewed on Belgian Radio 2, (Dutch) during the ‘week of forests’ and shares how she started the WeForest organisation, why trees
14 October 2013WeForest in the Media
Vision - Secretary Plus
Vision - Secretary Plus
3 January 2013WeForest in the MediaSecretary Plus