We are growing a movement of climate-conscious companies working to bring back forests now.

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We are a global tribe of climate-conscious citizens committed to Making Earth Cooler with trees.

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We share knowledge on the role forests play in mitigating, and adapting to Climate Change.

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Why plant trees?

The UN 2015 Paris Climate Conference (COP21) set the scene for companies to do more on forests – to eliminate deforestation, and also drive the effort for reforestation. Restoring 350 million hectares of degraded land with trees by 2030 and reducing deforestation rates by half in the next 15 years will help keep global temperatures under a 2°C increase.

The value of planting trees

Trees are a universal engagement tool. Everybody can relate to the positive, regenerative and tangible message of planting trees and restoring forests. Companies can utilise this message as a ‘hook for engagement’, to communicate, motivate and reward, helping them drive change within their business. Learn more about the value of planting trees for Climate, People, Planet.

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WeForest offers a simple, measurable, low cost and scalable solution for companies to take action to combat global warming, whilst also alleviating poverty and water scarcity.  Over 180 companies worldwide have already signed up to Make Earth Cooler with WeForest. We are growing a movement of corporates committed to combatting climate change by restoring global forests.

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WeForest enables climate conscious citizens to take action.



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Connecting the Atlantic Forest through wildlife corridors
Supporting Khasi communities to regenerate their forest
Engaging smallholder farmers in reversing deforestation
Combatting desertification in northern Ethiopia
A community based approach to restore degraded lands